Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Puzzle Pirates

I really enjoy puzzles. There's something I find rewarding about completing a puzzle. I like the traditional, 1000+ piece puzzles. I'm currently working on a puzzle of the Titantic. However, the photo on the box doesn't depict the actual puzzle. So it's been extremely difficult to put together.

I also enjoy puzzle-style video games, like Snood and Tetris.

I was reading's Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles message board to see if TSCC had been renewed for a second season. I don't normally pay attention to ads, but one for caught my eye.

It's a Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game. Conflict and task resolution is resolved by completing puzzles. The better the score on the puzzle, the better the outcome for your pirate. The flash widget above shows my particular pirate. She's in the clothing she started with. Commissioning a new portrait will cost me 15,000 pieces of eight (the game money). 've spent all the money I pillaging on new clothing, a house and various storage items and weapons. I've purchased everything I need (except a ship) so I can now start spending money on conspicuous stuff, like a new portrait.

The game really revolves around playing an actual pirate. You carouse, play cards, drink, brawl and sword fight. Then set sail and pillage and explore new lands.

It's a really fun game to play when you have the time for it. It's also a very deep game. There are special events, monster hunts and all of the elements of a traditional MMORPG.

The game is free to play. But, you have to subscribe to have access to all of the puzzles on a daily basis as well as own specific items. If you don't want to subscribe, most of the puzzles are free to play on certain days.

Overall, this is a pretty fun game. But, like any MMORPG, it can be a massive time sink. I used to play FFXI and completed the quest for Lu Shang's Rod. So I know what a time sink is.

The nice thing about this game is that there are puzzle tournaments and tables where you can issue puzzle challenges.

So, when I've got some free time, I log on and issue a challenge or join a tournament. When the game starts, you get a nice little whistle sound. So you don't have to stay glued to your computer.