Saturday, January 12, 2008

Open Source

Open Source software can be a very valuable resource for photographers or artists and graphic artists. While the open source software may not have all of the functions or features of their commercial counterparts. They still can be a very valuable resource for the "starving artist."

Open Source and Free Use Software

AbiWord: Microsoft Word clone.
Celestia: 3D
Planetarium software.
DAZ 3D: A free 3D Modeling application.
FreeCiv: A top notch clone of Sid Mayer's Civilization game.
InkScape: An Adobe Illustrator clone.
Gawker: An
OSX application that lets you make time lapse movies with a Mac's built in camera.
GIMP: A very good
Photoshop Clone.
Mozilla Firefox: Great open source web browser.
Seashore: Another
Photoshop Clone.
Planetarium software.
Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project: One of the greatest games ever made.


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