Monday, May 18, 2009

An Unexpected Absence

I had planned to be a lot more active with this blog in 2009, but it seems like something was always popping up unexpectedly. I did a lot of freelance photography for a community theater, a lot of programs and promotional material for The Brundidge Historical Society, the Pike Piddlers' Storytelling Festival and shot a lot of class reunions. The days slipped by and before I realized it, it was May already.

I'm past most of the freelance work I do during the year, so I'll begin to post more frequently. I had originally planned to to post on regular schedule, but that's just isn't going to work out too well. I'll be writing a few
Photoshop, Illustrator and photography tutorials.

There are two projects I've been working on during the past three to four months. The first is a four-panel cartoon series I've been working on titled "Life as a
Wallbanger." I've got the script and thumbnails for 80 panels comeplete and I'm working on finalizing the first 10 installments now.

The second is a series of speculative science fiction
short stories in a collection I'm calling "2028." I'll be posting draft one of "The Remains of Spring" before the end of the month. I have a few more plotting issues to work out before I begin working on rewrites. The second story is titled "Ambient Light" and follows an unfortuante day-in-the-life of a freelance photographer trying to survive in a cutthroat world of corporate news media.

I have a third project in development in the 2028 collection called "
Redline Marionettes." It's a one issue comic book about a corporate "asset recovery" team that screws up a recovery operation.

Finally, but most importantly, I'll be posting a lot of
HDR work I've done lately.