Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feb. 16, 2008: Greenville on Foot

I had planned to go to Montgomery today, but by the time I had finished packing stuff I wouldn't use for the next two weeks, it was 3 p.m. I hate having to move. I decided it wasn't any point to make a two-hour round trip for 90 minutes of shooting. I'd like to have about six to eight hours to spend in the area around the capitol.

There's a lot of historical buildings in that area as well as the Civil Rights Museum and some of the more modern buildings and Riverwalk Park. I'd really like to shoot a lot of those landmarks and still have time to set up some night shots around the 65 and 85 interchange.

So, I decided to just hit town on foot and walk around the downtown area. I still don't know this town real well and going on foot allows you to really look for photographic opportunities.

On the afternoon, I came up with about 11 shots that I liked. The photo of the gas pump above was the best one of the day. I post processed all the images with an Orton-inspired technique I'm developing. I'm getting a little closer to get all of the details worked out on that process, but the results so far have been pretty pleasing.

You can find the other three photos I decided to post on my photostream on Flickr.


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