Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jan. 12, 2008: Magnolia Cemetery

I had scouted an old cemetery in Greenville a few months ago. In the back part of Magnolia Cemetery, there are a lot of older graves with monuments, statues and pillars on them. I'd wanted to shoot when there was some rather dramatic cloud cover. Ideally at sunset.

There were a lot of altocumulus clouds today, so I decided to make a trip to the cemetery. I spent about an hour making reference photos. I like to keep a file on interesting places. The lighting was high and hard, not making for great shooting circumstances.

Just as I started to leave, some really nice clouds begin to align behind one of the statues. I set up my gear on a tripod and waited. After about 20 minutes of waiting I took the photograph above.

The cloud cover held most of the afternoon and I headed back to the cemetery near dusk, hoping I would get a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, the cloud cover had just about passed through and I didn't get the image I wanted. I'll just have to wait until I get another good, cloudy day near sunset.

The image below just doesn't have the dramatic quality I wanted.


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