Thursday, July 10, 2008

Abby Gothic

This is a pretty racy costume. I based it on some photos of Bianca Beauchamp, left, (official website), then took a lot of liberty with the whole latex concept. There's a lot of transparency in the shirt and skirt. The costume uses the actual skirt mesh from Second Life, but I added the transparency with textured TARGA files. The skirt is as short as I could make it and still have it look like a skirt.

This is the second costume in the Abby line, inspired by Abby on NCIS.

The costume also contains a tremendous number of prims in the attachments as well as flexi prims in the armbands. The boots are similar to the ones from Abby's fishnet, but they have more studs.

This is also the first scripted costume I designed to sell. All of the attached objects have a "Bling Script" embedded in them. If you're not familiar with Second Life, Bling Scripts make the prims sporadically emit a brief starburst, like a light source reflecting off gold or silver.

I also included an earring that has an animation override script in it. The AO override script, prevents the avatar from using the default "at rest" pose and instead cycles through five other model-stance poses.

I think this is my best designed outfit, but still it's not my favorite.

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