Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nishi's Racing Modelwear 001

I made these outfits based on Race Queens in Asia. Race Queens are pretty much banned from tracks in America because of the highly suggestive costumes and for safety reasons. However, In Japan, most Race Queens are pop idols and almost as an important part of the race team as the driver. They act as promotional models and can draw huge crowds to promotional events, such as car shows. It is ironic that an American Company, Hawaiian Tropic, started the Race Queen craze in 1983 at 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The practice of using promotional models at car shows is prevelent in the United States. These models are usually associated with the street racing or import scene. For example, Import Tuner Magazine keeps a running list of the models that pose with cars for their stories.

Andrea Bagnall (photo) seems to be my favorite domestic car show model.

Back to the SL portion of the post, for some reason people really seemed to like these outfits. I had several people want copies of the outfit in custom colors. Six color variations are shown below, but I probably did about 10 different colors.

I did two a Tony Stewart and two other Nishi Racing outfits. I don't seem to have any screen shots of those costumes though. My wireless router is being quirky, so Second Life keeps booting me because of timed out connections. When I get that fixed I'll log on and take some screens of those.

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