Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chelsea in Electric Blue

Life in general has been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. None-the-less, I managed to squeeze in some work in Illustrator. For some reason, I'm kind of hooked on the style of artwork Esurance uses in its commercials.

It took me about four hours to complete the wallpaper. I based the girl, I'm calling her Chelsea, off of a rough sketch in my sketchbook. I scanned it in, placed it in Illustrator and then used the pen tool to trace it. About half of the time it took to finish the piece was spent on the hair. I t took me a while to reach a result I was happy with.

I'm going to let the project rest for a few days and then take a look at again. I'd like to add some more highlights to give it an extra dimension. And I'll probably use Photoshop to do some more detailed shading on the face.

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