Thursday, July 10, 2008

FFX2 Rikku - Thief

This was a rather fun, but frustrating FFX2 costume to reproduce. I had to build the swirled-pupil eyes of the Al Behd, but I was able to texture map them onto the eyeballs because both eyes were the same.

The difficult part of this costume was recreating all of the flexible fabric in it. The skirt, bows on the arms and scarf are all flexible. It took a lot of meddling with each prim's gravity to get the outfit to flow realistically when the avatar moves.

The hair was a real pain in the ass to build because Rikku had so many braids and colored beads. Not to mention the scarf wrapped around her head. This costume is accurate from her head to her shoes. The only thing I couldn't duplicate was flexible hair braids. When I built the outfit, Second Life didn't have the capability to attach a solid prim to a flexi prim and have them move in concert.

This is one of my more favorite costumes.

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